Overdraft Protection

Added Peace of Mind for Your Checking

Oversights happen from time to time, but when they involve your Checking account, it’s nice to know there is a safety net available to help. NEFCU offers a variety of options to cover checks, ACH withdrawals and debit card purchases in the event you have insufficient funds in your Checking account.

SafetyLine of Credit

NEFCU’s SafetyLine is a low variable rate revolving line of credit that is linked directly to your Checking account. This line of credit will transfer funds to your Checking in the event your available balance cannot cover incoming checks, ACH withdrawals and debit card purchases.

Apply Rates

Savings Account Overdraft

One of the easiest ways to protect your account is to link your NEFCU Savings account to your Checking. In the event there are insufficient funds to pay for checks, ACH withdrawals or debit card purchases, funds will automatically be transferred from your Savings to your Checking to pay these items. Please note Regulation D fees apply if you exceed the number of allowable transactions. Contact us to set up this service.

Courtesy Pay

With Courtesy Pay, eligible members can benefit from an added layer of protection in the event there are insufficient funds to cover checks and ACH withdrawals. NEFCU may pay these items, including any applicable fees, at our discretion up to a maximum of $500. Should you wish to extend this option to protect purchases made with your debit card, you will need to “opt in” for this service.

Courtesy Pay will only be used after all other sources of overdraft are exhausted. If you have a Savings Account or SafetyLine of Credit linked to your Checking, funds will be drawn from those accounts first, before activating the Courtesy Pay option. In the event of an overdraft, we ask that you make a deposit immediately to bring your account to a positive balance. Should you overdraft your account for any reason, a fee will be incurred.

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There is a nominal fee for automatic overdraft transfers from Savings or Safety Line of Credit, or utilizing our courtesy pay service. Please see our fee schedule for details.
SafetyLine of Credit cannot be used to pay existing NEFCU debt. The rate you receive will be determined by your credit history and past credit performance. Not all applicants may be approved.

All loans are subject to credit approval. NEFCU’s programs can change without notice.